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3 common injuries for retail workers

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2022 | Workplace Injuries

In a previous blog post, we discussed common hazards retail workers face. Those hazards can lead to some serious injuries. Understanding some of the more common injuries that may occur can help workers and employers to take steps to minimize them.

All workers should be trained on safe work practices. This includes how to lift heavy or bulky items and ways to reduce injuries.

Back injuries

Back injuries are common in the retail industry because of the lifting and being on their feet for a whole shift. Some workers have to bend and stoop, which can also cause injuries if they aren’t done in the proper manner.

Knee injuries

Knee injuries are common in the retail industry because of the constant standing. Workers should be encouraged to move around periodically so the fluid in the knees can circulate and lubricate the joints.

Cumulative trauma injuries

Some retail workers, such as cashiers, perform repetitive motions when they work. This can lead to cumulative trauma injuries that can have lasting impacts. The issue with these injuries is that the worker may not realize they’re injured at first. They may not know something is amiss until the damage is severe and requires surgery.

Any retail worker who suffers a work-related injury should ensure they’re getting the medical care they need. They should receive workers’ compensation to help cover the expenses of the injuries and provide other benefits they’re due. They may have to fight for these benefits because workers’ compensation might not always provide workers with the full package they deserve. Having legal guidance can help.