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3 hazards retail workers face daily

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2022 | Workplace Injuries

Retail workers help to keep stores moving forward by making sure customers have access to merchandise and that they’re able to make their purchases. Employers must ensure these valuable employees have everything they need to remain safe. 

There are many facets of safety to consider for a retail employee. Making sure all these are met is crucial. Employees should know what risks they’re facing so they can try to avoid them. 

1. Falling merchandise

Merchandise should always be placed on shelves correctly. Having top stock that’s too heavy can lead to items falling. These can strike workers and customers, which can cause very serious injuries. Ideally, nothing too heavy will be placed on the overhead shelving. Anything that is placed up there should be secured appropriately.

2. Hazards on the floors

Everything from cords that run across the floor to power displays can be a tripping hazard. Wet spots on the floor are a slip hazard. All floors should be kept clean and in good repair so nobody falls. 

3. Rowdy crowds

Sometimes, the biggest hazard for workers is rowdy customers. Whether customers are fighting or trying to rush into the store as a mob, employees shouldn’t be left to cope with these incidents unless they’re trained and have the equipment to handle the issues.

Injured retail workers should ensure they get the medical care they need for their injuries. Workers’ compensation helps to ensure all covered workers can get medical care. It can also provide other benefits, such as partial wage replacement for those who are seriously injured. Anyone who’s injured at work should have someone on their side who can fight for the benefits they’re due.