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Steel toe boots are critical safety gear in manufacturing

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2021 | Workplace Injuries

People who work in the manufacturing industry face many hazards on a normal day at work. Keeping those workers safe must be a priority for employers. One way that employers can do this is to require their workers to wear proper safety equipment at all times. 

Steel toe shoes are a piece of safety equipment that all employees should wear when they’re working in a factory. There are several hazards that steel toe shoes can minimize. 

How do steel toe shoes help keep workers safe?

Steel toe shoes, typically boots, help prevent the protected area from objects that may fall on the foot. This includes sharp or heavy objects that could cause severe damage to the foot. Not only do these boots protect against crushing, but the steel plate can also stop the worker from having lacerations due to something sharp falling onto the foot. 

Most steel toe boots have a non-conductive sole, so they can prevent you from being electrocuted if the shoes come into contact with an electrical current. Additionally, they’re usually slip-resistant, which will help you to avoid slipping on wet ground. They may also be water-resistant, which can help workers performing their job duties around puddles of water. 

Any manufacturing worker who suffers a foot injury should ensure they get medical care right away. Some injuries might require them to take time off work. Workers’ compensation should cover the cost of medical care, and other benefits might be available. Ensuring that you get the compensation you deserve after the incident is critical.