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Common workplace accidents that occur on construction sites

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2024 | Construction Workers' Accidents

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 46.2 percent of all fatal slips and falls in 2021 occurred in the construction industry.

Construction sites are bustling places where different tasks come together to build new things. Despite strict safety rules, accidents still happen, putting workers at risk and possibly delaying projects. Knowing the most common types of accidents on construction sites is important for preventing them.

Falls from heights

One type of accident that happens on construction sites is falling from heights. This can take place on ladders, scaffolding or raised areas and often leads to serious injuries or even death. To reduce this risk, employers should focus on safety systems such as guardrails, safety nets and personal fall arrest systems. Regular checks and proper training also play a role in keeping the workplace safe.

Struck-by incidents

Construction sites have lots of heavy machinery, tools and materials, making struck-by incidents frequent. Workers can get hit by moving vehicles, falling objects or malfunctioning equipment. Following designated walkways, using signs and putting up barriers can lower the risk. Making sure that equipment operators are well-trained and aware of their surroundings is also needed.

Electrical accidents

Electrical dangers are a big threat on construction sites due to the use of power tools and wiring. Accidents such as electric shocks or electrocutions can be severe. Proper training on electrical safety, regular checks on equipment, and clear rules for handling electrical parts are necessary for preventing these accidents.

Caught in or between objects

Accidents where workers get caught between things happen when they get trapped between equipment, materials or structures. Poorly guarded machinery, improper storage and unsecured excavations contribute to these incidents. To prevent them, following safety rules, making sure machinery is properly guarded, and raising awareness about possible dangers are important.

By following safety rules, construction sites can lower the chances of accidents, keep workers safe and create a better workplace environment.