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Ways to reduce work-related stress among health care workers

On Behalf of | May 24, 2023 | Workplace Safety

Work-related stress is an issue in workplaces across many industries, including health care. Long hours, demanding workloads, and the emotional and psychological weight of having someone’s life in their hands can take a significant toll on health care workers. Over time, stress can adversely affect their safety in several ways.

Because of the dangers it poses to the health and safety of health care workers, work-related stress is a significant occupational hazard in hospitals and other health care facilities. The following approaches can help in addressing the issue.

Identify sources of stress

Stress might originate from numerous factors, including heavy workloads, inefficient processes and unhealthy working conditions. Identifying these factors and how much they contribute to workers’ stress can help in finding and prioritizing effective solutions.

Discuss the issue

Addressing work-related stress will likely require an organizationwide effort. It would help workers and their superiors to come together to arrive at a solution that works for the organization’s situation.

Take breaks

Taking a few minutes from work to eat or rest can help workers calm down and regain some of their energy. It might also help them to take a vacation every so often.

Stay healthy

Keeping a healthy body might help workers cope with stress and its harmful physiological effects. This means exercising, eating a healthy diet and getting sufficient sleep.

Stress is a matter of workplace safety because it can increase the risk of health care workers getting hurt and sick while doing their job. Understanding what causes it can help health care workers stay safe and perform their vital role.