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Common health risks welders face in the workplace

On Behalf of | May 2, 2023 | Workplace Safety

Metals are among the most commonly used construction materials today, so welders perform an essential role. Unfortunately, their job often means exposure to many factors that can endanger their health and safety. Here are some potential health risks welders face during their job.

UV radiation

Welding flames and arcs give off ultraviolet (UV) radiation, like what the sun emits. This type of radiation might cause burns on exposed skin. Prolonged exposure may also increase the risk of skin cancer and eye disease.


Welding uses exceptionally hot temperatures to fuse materials. This heat and the thick protective clothing that welders often wear can make welding during warm seasons uncomfortable. Welders might also be at risk of heat-related conditions while at work because of these factors.

Repetitive motions and improper posture

Sometimes, welders need to twist and bend to reach ideal welding spots. They might also have to hold their posture for extended periods or repeatedly perform the same actions to ensure consistent welds. Repetitive motions and unideal posture might contribute to muscle pain and injury over time.

Toxic fumes

Exposing certain metals to extremely high heat can create fumes with potentially harmful effects on the human body. As welders often work close to welding arcs, they will likely inhale these gases. Extended exposure to these toxic fumes might increase welders’ risk of contracting respiratory diseases.

Welding is a dangerous but essential job. Proper protective equipment can help reduce welders’ risk of suffering work-related injuries or health conditions. Knowing the law can help them protect their rights and seek appropriate compensation for adverse outcomes resulting from their job.