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Bricklayers often need workers’ comp for herniated discs

On Behalf of | May 31, 2023 | Firm News

Bricklaying has been around since ancient times and is just as vital today when constructing homes and commercial buildings. But like any other construction profession, being a bricklayer comes with its share of dangers. In addition to working in all kinds of weather, bricklayers often need to lift enormous quantities of concrete blocks, which can be taxing on their backs.

The weight of the materials in bricklaying makes it a physically demanding job. According to research, bricklayers regularly carry up to 3.8 tons, about the weight of two small SUVs. When this work causes a back injury, bricklayers can seek help from their employer.

Seeking workers’ comp

Lifting a 30-pound object puts a 2,000-pound pressure on lumbar discs, which can cause them to herniate or get inflamed. A typical concrete block weighs 38 pounds, and a bricklayer must carry them many times a day, making it clear how harmful this job can be on the worker’s back.

Herniated disc symptoms can linger for months, making it difficult for an employee to return to work. The employee will also have to undergo treatment and may need surgery or specific medications. Returning to work without fully recovering can put the employee at risk of more severe damage.

An employee who suffers an injury on the job may qualify for workers’ compensation. However, at times, it can be a challenge. Seeking medical care is a crucial step in demonstrating that the back injury is serious and preventing the individual from returning to work.

Protection from termination

It is also common for workers to worry about their losing their jobs after filing a workers’ comp. However, unless the employer has a legal reason to do so, state law protects the employee from termination and retaliation. The employee should also still be eligible for benefits even if the company lets them go.

After sustaining a severe injury, the last thing anyone wants to worry about is losing their job or having to pay thousands of dollars in medical expenses. If the employee believes they have been treated unfairly because of their accident or injury, or if the company denies their workers’ compensation claim, they may turn to a lawyer for assistance.