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3 highly dangerous jobs

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2022 | Workplace Injuries

There are very few jobs that guarantee their workers are entirely safe from harm. As such, many workers are guaranteed worker benefits. If they’re injured on site or develop a medical condition from their work, employees may be able to apply for workers’ compensation that would supplement them with lost wages, medical benefits and compensation to survivors of a fatal injury.

While working at a desk has a low rate of injury or developing a medical condition (with the right sleep and exercise), other jobs have a high tendency of serious injuries. You may want to know if you’re in danger of injuries at your job. Here’s what you should know:

#1. Logging workers

Logging has been a lot safer over the years as machinery and safety procedures have been introduced and regulated. However, that doesn’t mean loggers are entirely free from danger. There may be a freak accident if a cut tree doesn’t fall the right way, there could be falling debris from a tree or there could be difficulties with logging equipment, all of which could cause catastrophic injuries to workers.

#2. Roofers

Poor footing, slick surfaces, loose shingles, varying weather shifts and standing multiple stories off the ground: that’s what difficulties many roofers have to look at when doing their job. Some roofers don’t even make it onto the roof before falling off of their ladder. Just one minor slip and a roofer could come toppling down, leaving them seriously injured.

#3. Construction workers

Have you ever wondered why construction workers always wear hard hats and bright vests? If you’re working in construction then you likely know. There are many things that can go wrong on a construction site, such as falling equipment or material, loose flooring, the risk of falling from great heights, machinery errors and, simply, worker negligence.

There are some jobs that have a higher injury rate than others. Because of this, many workers are eligible for workers’ comp, yet, more than not, injured workers don’t apply for their benefits. This is because many people don’t realize they’re eligible for workers’ comp benefits.