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5 things to know about work-related hearing loss

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2022 | Workplace Illness

Around 22 million workers have to deal with hazardous noise conditions in the workplace, and around 10 million are exposed to chemicals that can cause hearing loss. It’s up to employers to ensure workers have a safe workspace. This includes minimizing the risk of hearing loss in the workplace

The risk of hearing loss is present in some capacity throughout every industry. Employers and employees should remember these five points about work-related hearing loss. 

#1: Hearing loss isn’t always noticeable

Hearing loss often occurs slowly over time so the person doesn’t realize what’s going on. It’s often when someone else says something about the volume of the television or how loud they have to speak that the person realizes something is wrong.

#2: Chemical exposure can cause hearing loss

Loud noises are a primary cause of hearing loss, but it’s not the only one. Solvents and other chemicals can cause hearing loss.

#3: Hearing-impaired individuals may make less money

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that the income for people who are hearing impaired is typically lower than those who can hear normally.

#4: Hearing loss prevention must be a priority

Hearing loss prevention, including providing ear protection and using less toxic chemicals can help to preserve hearing. Employers must make this a priority in the workplace. 

#5: Hearing loss can lead to other conditions

Hearing loss puts a person at risk of other serious conditions, such as depression and anxiety. Heart issues and cognitive decline are also possible with hearing loss. 

Employees who suffer hearing loss because of their job should get immediate medical attention. Workers’ compensation should cover the expenses related to this. Some workers might have to battle for the benefits they should receive, so they should work with someone who can help them get what they’re due.