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Why hard hats are so important for construction safety

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2022 | Construction Workers' Accidents

If you work in the construction sector then you’re probably used to wearing a hard hat most days. The supervisors of your company have designated areas where hard hats must be worn at all times, with no exceptions. 

Perhaps you’ve wondered why they are so adamant about this. The truth is that hard hats can save lives in more than one way. Outlined below are some of the key benefits of wearing a hard hat

Protection from head trauma 

The primary aim of hard hats is to prevent your head from taking trauma should something fall from a height. On a construction site, this is one of the most common accidents. A hard hat protects you in two key ways. Firstly, the exterior shell is made of rigid material that should be able to take the brunt of most impacts. Additionally, hard hats tend to be fitted with a shock absorption system, which can reduce the force that travels through your head and neck.

Protection from electrocution 

One surprising form of protection that hard hats offer is from electrocution. The materials that hard hats are manufactured from tend to be insulators. This means that electricity does not travel through them easily. Thus, if an accident occurs with electricity, the hard hat can act as a circuit breaker that potentially saves your life. 

Even if you follow safety protocols and wear a hard hat, there is still no guarantee that you won’t be injured at work. If you’ve been hurt on the construction site, then you may be entitled to some compensation for your suffering. Make sure you seek some legal guidance before taking your next step.