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3 types of burns and where they happen

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2022 | Workplace Injuries

Every job comes with unique trials and tribulations. You could injure a limb working construction or inhale chemicals at an unloading facility. But, did you know there are a few common types of burns that can happen at nearly any job.

Knowing what dangers could happen at your job may save you from serious injuries:

Thermal burns

Thermal burns occur when the skin is exposed to heat for any duration of time This could be caused by hot surfaces, steam, open flames and boiling water. 

Thermal burns can escalate from first-degree burns, which can look like sunburns, to the more extreme third-degree burns that cause nerve damage and damaged skin. 

If you work as a manufacturer, mechanic or welder, then you may be highly susceptible to thermal burns. When working around heated objects or open flames, it’s suggested that you wear protective gear: safety glasses, gloves and fire-proof vests. 

Electrical burns

Electrical burns when live wires come in contact with the skin, resulting in burns. 

You’re more likely to experience electrical burns working as an electrician, powerline worker or handyman. Workers are often trained to work with live wires and provided with specific tools to work with wires – but that doesn’t mean everyone’s trained to know everything.

Electricians aren’t the only ones who are prone to electrical burns. Circuits that overload or faulty equipment can cause burns to just about anyone.

Chemical burns

Chemical burns are burns that happen when the skin is exposed to chemicals such as bleach, cleaning solution, acids, hot oils and grease. 

Chemical burns may do more than cause nerve damage. Chemical exposure could cause long-term health issues and cause complications if your eyes or lungs are also damaged. 

People who work as janitors, cooks and stylists are often exposed to chemicals. Wearing protective gloves and knowing what chemicals are dangerous can reduce burns.

Just knowing what causes serious burns may not be enough to protect you. If you were recently burned while at work, then you may need to seek workers’ compensation to protect your future and your family.