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3 types of injuries office workers experience

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2022 | Workplace Injuries

Office work is typically thought of as a safe profession, but it comes with risks that can end up sending the worker to the doctor or hospital. It’s best if employers remember that these risks must be avoided. Employees should also be aware so they can try to avoid them. 

While some of these might seem like minor injuries, they are actually very serious because they can result in lost time at work. This means that the employee is missing income, and the employer is missing productivity. Common office worker injuries include:

1. Falls, slips and trips

Things strewn about the office floor can result in a worker falling. These falls can result in various injuries, including head or spinal cord injuries. Keeping the floors clear of fall hazards can be critical. Equipment like cord covers can help to keep everyone safe. 

2. “Text neck” and other neck strain

Looking down at a computer screen or phone can lead to neck strain. It’s best to have the monitor of the computer lifted so you can look at it without having to tilt your head down. If you’re using a phone a lot for work, you should hold it at eye level instead of holding it down.

3. Lower back pain

Lower back pain can quickly become debilitating. Office workers should ensure they have proper posture all the time. This can help to alleviate back pain. Using ergonomic equipment, such as desk chairs or foot stools, can help to keep the back in proper alignment. 

Office workers who are in pain when they’re working or have issues after work because of their job duties should get medical care.  Allowing issues to continue to get worse could mean that you end up having more pain and more serious problems in the future. Workers’ compensation should cover the costs of medical care, but you may have to fight for the benefits you’re due.