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Hazards on the floor are a serious concern for worker safety

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2022 | Workplace Injuries

Every workplace should ensure that the floors are always clean and tidy. Hazards can lead to workers and customers slipping or tripping. While it might seem like a minor issue if someone falls, there are very serious injuries that can occur. 

Falling comes with a risk of hitting the head, which could lead to brain injuries. It can result in broken bones and soft tissue injuries. Spinal cord injuries are also possible. Keeping the hazards to a minimum is important. 

Controlling hazards

Businesses often put floor mats down to prevent falls, especially if the floor is likely to get wet. These can turn into a hazard if the edges curl up or the mat buckles. One way to minimize this risk is to use a floor mat that’s safety certified. Someone should check on it periodically through the day to ensure it’s still flat on the ground.

Another hazardous situation occurs when workers place things on the ground. This might be boxes of stock they haven’t put away yet or a cord that’s going across the floor. Both of those could trip a person and cause them to fall. Using cord covers and keeping the floor free of other objects can prevent falls.  

Workers who are injured because of a fall should ensure they get medical care. If you’re facing a work-related injury, workers’ compensation should cover the medical costs. People who have serious injuries that require them to take a prolonged time off work may qualify for partial wage replacement. Navigating through the workers’ compensation system can be complex, so working with someone who’s familiar with how it works is beneficial, especially if you have to appeal a decision.