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The risk of asking employees to rush

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2022 | Workplace Safety

Do you ever feel like your boss just wants you to rush and get things done faster than you even believe is possible? Do you feel this constant pressure and stress to be more productive every single day than you were the day before?

If so, you’re not alone. Many workers feel like this on a consistent basis, as if they always have to be pushing themselves to the max and it’s never going to be enough. Not only does this increase their stress levels, but it leads to a lot of unnecessary rushing that can be very problematic on many levels.

Injury risks increase when employees are pressed too hard

From a strictly business perspective, there are those who say that rushing actually lowers productivity, so it’s not really a good idea for your boss to push this on you anyway. You’re probably getting less done than you would be otherwise.

However, if they continue to do it, it’s also been demonstrated that rushing increases the number of mistakes and errors that people tend to make. You can apply this to many different tasks that people carry out, whether they’re driving a car or working on a construction site. More errors are going to happen.

The offshoot of this, in the workplace, is that rushing can directly lead to injuries. You may not take the time to do something safely, or you may not identify potential risks and hazards because you’re working so quickly. You could get injured in a way that was entirely avoidable, all because you felt that added pressure to move faster.

If this does happen to you, be sure that you are well aware of all of your rights as an employee. You may need to seek workers’ compensation after the injury. This no-fault benefit can help you get medical care for your injuries, replacement wages and more.