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What is a leading reason for third-party work injury claims?

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2021 | Workplace Injuries

Workers’ compensation is an incredible program. You can count on benefits to cover all of your medical costs and about two-thirds of your lost wages, or possibly less if you are a high earner when you get hurt at work.

Unfortunately, that means that the longer you are out of work because of your injuries, the more financial hardship you may suffer. Some people have to look elsewhere for compensation. Third-party claims involve holding someone besides your employer responsible for your injuries. What is one of the leading causes of third-party claims related to work injuries?

Car crashes on the clock can lead to third party claims

Many people have to drive as part of their job. You don’t necessarily need to have a commercial driver’s license or operate a city bus for traveling to be part of your job. If you are a salesperson, a recruiter or a service professional who fixes people’s furnaces, then you travel as part of your job. 

Employers lose about $60 billion each year due to costs related to car crashes, many of which happen to on-the-clock workers. Workers’ compensation will protect you in these situations, but there could still be big gaps in your budget after you receive your benefits. 

Bringing a personal injury claim and insurance claim against the driver who caused the wreck can be a way for you to close that gap between what workers’ compensation will pay you and your actual losses. Learning more about workers’ compensation can help you identify pitfalls in the process and better protect yourself after a serious work injury.