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Are you suffering from job-related toxic chemical exposure?

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2021 | Workplace Illness

Toxic chemicals are a common source of danger for industrial workers. Ingesting, inhaling or coming into contact with certain chemicals on their skin can all be hazardous.

Toxic chemicals are unique from other workplace hazards in that they can pose some immediate dangers and cause some long-term effects. The more chemical exposure that a worker endures, the more apt it is that they will experience debilitating symptoms down the road. 

What problems does toxic chemical exposure cause?

Many individuals exposed to toxic substances don’t show immediate signs of illness. How much and what types of chemicals were mainly involved dictates whether a worker will experience a lasting health decline. Chemical exposure can lead to lung conditions, skin problems, cancer and more.

Workers with minimal exposure to a potentially hazardous substance may flush the toxins out of their bodies as waste and not experience any long-term implications of the exposure. However, some workplace toxins can’t be easily removed from a person’s system once they get in — and that can lead to health complications decades down the line.

What can you do if you were exposed to toxic chemicals at work?

Ohio law requires most employers to secure workers’ compensation coverage to cover their employees’ medical expenses and lost wages if they get hurt or fall ill on the job. 

Many Dayton employers may find it challenging to accept that prolonged toxic exposure may lead to an eventual decline in health if they’re used to a workplace accident leading to more immediate, readily identifiable injuries. You may need to take legal action against your employer if they fail to respond proactively to your workers’ compensation claim.