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Health care workers face numerous risks on the job

On Behalf of | May 23, 2021 | Workplace Injuries

People often think of the health care industry as a comparative safe one in which to work. Some may realize that there’s a risk of a needle stick for people who work directly with patients. However, that’s only one of the hazards that these workers face.

All health care employers should recognize these dangers and address them to prevent employees from suffering injuries. Unfortunately, this doesn’t’ always happen.

Physical dangers

One of the primary physical dangers that health care workers face has to do with lifting and transferring patients. This can lead to problems, such as lower back injury. These workers are also at risk of slipping on wet floors or tripping over items left on the floors. Working around imaging equipment and other items like radioactive materials can also be hazardous.

Infectious substances

Health care workers often come into close contact with patients who have communicable diseases. Those workers can sometimes become infected with life-threatening illnesses, so they must use proper safety measures like wearing masks and gloves to reduce the chance of this occurring. Workers who have exposure to these substances may have to take considerable time off work until they aren’t contagious any longer.

Anyone who’s involved in the health care industry who suffers an injury at work should remember that they have specific rights. Some professionals might try to ignore the injury and continue to care for patients, but this can put their own health and the patient’s health in danger.

Seeking workers’ compensation benefits in these cases is a good idea because it takes the financial burden off the worker. A knowledgeable attorney can help a worker ensure they get what they’re due.