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What are the 4 biggest dangers on construction sites?

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2021 | Construction Workers' Accidents

The first time you step onto a construction site can be overwhelming. There will be activity and noise everywhere. Construction sites are full of danger and account for around 20% of all worker deaths. To stay safe, you need to understand those dangers and the signs to watch out for.

The fatal 4 of construction

Four things account for 58% of all construction deaths. Here are the fatal four:

  • Falling from a height: Ensure your employer provides you with fall safety equipment when working above the ground. There should be safety barriers on exposed edges and trip boards around holes. Remember, you can still fall even when on the ground if there is an uncovered hole.
  • An object striking you: Take particular care when there are workers above you. If one of them drops something from a height, it could kill you. Listen for the sound of moving machinery. A digger could swing its arm around and strike you. If you hear someone grinding metal, be aware that shards could fly and hit you.
  • Getting electrocuted: Electrical hazards can be everywhere on a building site. If you hear people using power tools or a generator running, there are likely cables nearby. If it starts to rain, this could increase the danger.
  • Machinery trapping or crushing you: Listen for the sound of moving vehicles and give them a wide berth. Take great care around stacks of material. There is always the chance they could topple over and crush you. Ensure safety guards are in place when working with machinery.

However alert you remain, there is always the possibility you are injured in a construction site accident. If this happens, you will need to claim against your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance.