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Beware of back injury dangers at work

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2021 | Workplace Injuries

Every worker, from those in offices to people who work in construction, is at risk of suffering from a back injury due to their work duties. Minimizing these risks is important so that people aren’t in pain and having to miss work because of a back injury.

How can back injuries be prevented?

Preventing back injuries takes a combination of ensuring that the correct equipment and proper body mechanics are used. Together, those factors reduce the stress on the back and lessen the chance of an injury happening.

Employers should ensure that workers know that they shouldn’t try to lift heavy or bulky items alone. They should also ensure that employees have the correct items for heavy lifting. This includes back braces or lift assist devices.

It’s also important that employers set standards for workers to improve back safety. This involves encouraging teaching and encouraging proper posture and the use of ergonomic devices.

Some employees may suffer back injuries due to repetitive tasks. These don’t appear suddenly. The workers may not think anything is amiss and then suddenly start having more and more back pain. These cumulative traumatic injuries may be prevented with modified movements for those repetitive tasks.

Getting workers’ compensation

While it’s up to the employer to provide the equipment and set the protocols to reduce the chance of a back injury occurring, employees may still suffer injuries. When this occurs, those workers need to seek medical care.

Workers’ compensation should cover these costs if the injury occurred while the individual was working. Other benefits may also be available, so it’s imperative to ensure you’re getting what you should if you’re in this position. Working with an experienced attorney is often beneficial.